Amazon owned nearly 1/3 of all online sales during Cyber Monday

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  • Reports from last week showed Amazon earned the most Black Friday and Cyber Monday mentions online. It’s now confirmed the e-commerce giant also owned the largest market share of online sales for all of Cyber Week, according to new data.

    According to Slice Intelligence, an analytics company that tracks e-commerce behavior and trends, Amazon accounted for 27.2 percent of Black Friday’s online sales, 30.1 percent of Cyber Monday’s and 28.4 percent of all online sales to happen during Cyber Week (November 21 through November 27).

    Not one online retailer came within 19 percentage points of Amazon’s lead, according to Slice Intelligence. On Black Friday, Best Buy was the No. 2 online retailer, with 8 percent share of online sales. Walmart was third with 3.9 percent of online sales for Black Friday.

    Amazon’s lead was the biggest on Cyber Monday, more than 23 percentage points above the No. 2 online retailer, Target, which took 6.4 percent on online sales for the day. For the entire week, Amazon beat out Best Buy, which took a 7 percent share of online sales, Target with 4.6 percent share of online sales and Walmart with 3.6 percent.

    While Amazon had the largest share of online sales during Cyber Week, Edison Trends says Target saw the highest rate of increase in online sales, bringing in 4.5 times what it averaged during each of the four weeks leading up to Cyber Week.

    “Target also more than quadrupled its order volume, saw three times more unique buyers, and even achieved a boost to its average order spend compared to its previous four weeks of sales,” says Edison Trends.

    Looking at Edison’s findings, online retailers saw growth across the board during Cyber Week, with one exclusion: Best Buy’s average order spend dropped roughly 25 percent during the week.

    How much did online sales grow during Cyber Week?

    Basing its Cyber Week findings on 2.7 million anonymized and aggregated US email receipts for online purchases, Edison Trends says Target saw its biggest jump in sales on Thanksgiving Day, earning close to 15 times its average compared to online sales generated during the previous four Thursdays.

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