Building social buzz: Our top 10 social media marketing columns of 2017

Social media marketing is a rapidly evolving sector with so many twists and turns, it’s difficult to stay on your toes. Yet as marketers, we rely on keeping up to date with the latest social media trends in order to stay relevant. From the continued rise of live-streaming to the changing face of influencer marketing, plenty of developments surfaced in the social media space in 2017, and Marketing Land’s contributors helped us stay abreast of the most noteworthy topics.

Our readers seemed especially keen to learn more about LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences feature, partly because it had been anticipated well in advance of its release, but also because the platform was late to the targeting game compared with its rivals. Columnist AJ Wilcox explained why it’s a win for B2B advertisers and walked us through advanced email match strategies marketers can use with the targeting feature.

Meanwhile, Facebook still loomed large in 2017 and no doubt dominated our readers’ attention overall. The social behemoth announced changes to its rules surrounding ad transparency, as it continued to come under scrutiny following admitted metrics errors, as well as Russian-bought ads during the 2016 election. Our columnists covering everything you need to know about the social media megabeast, from how to increase your ROI on the platform to getting on board with Facebook Shoppable Feed ads.

To get up to speed on the past year, check out the top 10 social media marketing columns published on Marketing Land in 2017:

  1. LinkedIn’s new Matched Audiences feature just blew Facebook Custom Audiences out of the water for B2B by AJ Wilcox, published on 4/24/2017.
  2. Why marketers should be paying attention to Twitch by Chris Kerns, published on 1/16/2017.
  3. 5 Facebook algorithm hacks to up your content marketing game by Sweta Patel, published on 9/4/2017.
  4. 9 ways to sell on social media by Jordan Kasteler, published on 1/3/2017.
  5. Facebook tests a new ad format that puts it further ahead of its competitors by Wesley Young, published on 9/11/2017.
  6. 10 tools for creating compelling content for social media by Jordan Kasteler, published on 8/15/2017.
  7. 5 metrics to measure the success of Facebook videos by Sweta Patel, published on 9/29/2017.
  8. 10 things you should be doing now on social media to grow your business by Will Scott, published on 2/27/2017.
  9. Why your social media audience is critical for content marketing by Mark Traphagen, published on 10/3/2017.
  10. Improving the social shopping experience: Facebook Shoppable Feed ads by Laura Collins, published on 2/15/2017.

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