CEO who forged court order to get Google to remove defamation faces prison

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  • Note: Since this piece was originally published, we’ve received a statement from the firm Michael Arnstein blames for the reputation attack described. That information has been added to the end of this article. 

    Imagine that you own and operate a family business going back three generations. You hired an offshore company to develop your website, but after some years, you sever that contract due to costs and incompetence. And then the nightmare begins.

    The offshore company initiates a campaign to try to destroy you by hijacking your website, deploying fraudulent clicks to your ads, defaming your company and making extortion demands.

    Your livelihood is under attack! Think the justice system will help? Maybe not. The internet is something like the Wild West in spots, so it’s no wonder some people try to take justice into their own hands.

    This story isn’t hypothetical. This really happened, according to the CEO of the Natural Sapphire Company. And now, he is facing jail time after desperately seeking relief from his attackers.

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