Why consistent marketing can pay big results for small industrial manufacturers

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  • “Dianna, you’ll never reach your goal if you don’t consistently monitor your diet!” my trainer chastised me after my weigh-in and measurement. “You can’t out-exercise a bad diet!”

    In that instant, I understood exactly what she was saying — because “consistent” is the term my company uses to describe how our small industrial manufacturing clients need to approach their marketing.

    By “consistent,” I mean doing something on a regular basis that gets you closer to your sales/inquiries/ business growth goals. The beauty of consistency, applied to any endeavor, is that small actions can lead to huge improvements and better results over time.

    Consistent marketing is akin to regularly working out and monitoring your food intake. If you don’t consistently monitor what you eat and/or stick to a workout schedule, nothing will change. But if you do — wow, watch out! (One of our clients, for example, applied consistent marketing to get a triple-digit percentage increase in inquiries in the last nine months — as well as a corresponding increase in sales.)

    In this piece, I cover three marketing tactics that, if performed by small manufacturers on a consistent basis, can lead to big results over time.

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