The enterprise business of SEO: Communicating to the C-suite

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  • Today, I want to focus on and provide insights into a common SEO challenge that is vitally important to personal and professional success: how SEOs can communicate the performance of the organic channel more effectively across their organization and in the boardroom. As competition for digital marketing budgets intensifies in 2018, it is essential that success and performance is recognized and rewarded.

    As a CEO with a background in organic search, I am often asked questions like:

    • “What key metrics matter to the CEO?”
    • “How best do I talk to my CMO and other members of the C-suite?”
    • “When and how should I communicate SEO performance across the organization?”
    • “What do I need to do to accelerate and develop my career?”

    Here, I hope to share some insights and tips that will help you do just that

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    Jim Yu is the founder and CEO of BrightEdge, the leading enterprise content performance and SEO Platform. He combines in-depth expertise in developing and marketing large on-demand software platforms with hands-on experience in advanced digital, content and SEO practices