Facebook unveils Trip Consideration for travel advertisers

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  • Facebook has announced its ad platform will now offer an optimization option called Trip Consideration, which will target users who are in the early stages of considering a trip. The option rolls out as another addition to the options for travel advertisers, who also benefited from the launch of Dynamic Travel Ads in October of last year.

    Unlike Dynamic Travel Ads, which retarget site visitors, Trip Consideration aims to reach people identified to be in the initial stages of looking for a travel destination based on behaviors exhibited on Facebook or Instagram. This could help advertisers reach more travel-ready millennials, in particular. The company says 68 percent of millennials found ideas for their most recent trip on Facebook, and 60 percent found them on Instagram.

    Setup and recommendations

    Advertisers must have the Facebook pixel implemented to take advantage of the new targeting feature. Trip Consideration appears as an optimization option with the Conversion campaign type:

    Advertisers can otherwise use all of the audience targeting options they normally would, but Facebook recommends the total audience size be 7 million or more for optimal performance. In addition, it is also recommended that event optimizations focus on events for search, initiate checkout or purchases.

    Unlike ads that rely on a feed, Trip Consideration allows advertisers to specify the images shown in the ad. The current creative format options are limited to static images, carousels, collections or a single video. This allows creative testing to maximize responses to different imagery and offers.

    Available placements for the ads include Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Network. The new feature will be gradually rolling out to accounts in the coming weeks.

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