Four brand-building activities that lay the foundation for SEO

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  • At Google’s inception, one innovation differentiated it as a search engine: It used information gained from off-site sources to inform its estimation of the relevance, importance and quality of pages in its index. Originally, this source of off-site information was the network of links found by crawling the web.

    Nearly two decades later, in 2017, with countless other rich data sources at its disposal, Google uses a more diverse and sophisticated set of data to determine just how big a deal you really are in the marketplace. In my experience over the past 10 years working in SEO, Google has always been pretty good at making this determination, and the signals have become harder and harder to fake over time.

    At this point, the most efficient and sustainable path to making your company look like it is a significant player in the marketplace is to become a significant player in the marketplace. What does that mean for SEO folks? It means it’s time to stop thinking about how to build links and instead focus on how to build your brand online.

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    Brian Weiss is a Managing Consultant at Stone Temple, the US Search Awards 2016 Large SEO Agency of the Year. During Brian’s 10 years in SEO, he has worked with brands in diverse verticals including automotive, health care, recruiting, publishing and e-commerce, including a number of Fortune 500 retailers. He was previously head of SEO for Opticsplanet, an Internet Retailer