In-house or marketing agency? 9 questions to help you make a decision

So how do you know what’s best for you and your company? To help you make an educated decision, I put together a simple self-serve test. If you answer “yes” to most of the following questions, I’ll see you at an industry event for a friendly drink and chat. If you answer “no” or something short of a resounding “yes” to most of these, you know where to find us.

  1. Cross-channel data: Do you effectively transfer the data about your best-performing audiences from platform to platform, or are you managing each channel separately?
    • Yes, I effectively export the data from my network media buying to Google and/or Facebook and save money on trial and error.
    • No, I manage each channel separately.  
    • I’m not sure.
  1. App Store Optimization (ASO): Do you know the conversion rate on your app store page, and are you actively testing creative and metadata to increase it?
    • Yes, I use technology solutions such as StoreMaven to develop insights on the behavior of users landing on my App Store page, and I build iterative tests to increase conversion.
    • No, I do not measure or optimize the conversion rate on my app store page.
    • I have used Google Play Experiments to conduct A/B testing, but I haven’t developed a strong understanding of user behavior or why certain images had a higher conversion rate.
  1. Facebook, Google, mobile networks: Do you have a clear and structured approach on when to pay to acquire users from Facebook vs. Google vs. mobile networks?
    • Yes, I have a proven media plan that we review every few months to adjust to available inventory, and we are making the most out of every channel.
    • No, I’m sure we can do better (but I’m not sure how).
    • I’m not sure; I think we do well on at least one of these channels.
  1. Creative: Do you measure each component of your creative to your down-funnel KPIs? Do you know which call to action, color, image or banner type drives the highest return for you on each channel?
    • Yes, and I keep testing new creative concepts every three to four weeks.
    • No, I don’t attribute asset components to user engagement/my down-funnel KPIs.
    • What’s a down-funnel KPI?
  1. New technologies: Do you have a good process in place for vetting and implementing new marketing technologies?
    • Yes, we have the experts and the resources to vet and implement new technologies relevant to our marketing efforts and business.
    • No, we do not make it a priority to analyze new technology solutions.
    • We conduct ad hoc research when we hear of new technologies that sound relevant to us.
  1. The software development kit (SDK): The SDK landscape can be overwhelming. Do you feel confident in the attribution, monetization, analytics and CRM (customer relationship management) SDKs you have in place?
    • Yes, we have what we need. All implemented SDKs are set up correctly, and we are getting the most out of the vendors.
    • No, we probably don’t have the right number, and I’m not sure of the benefit of each one.
    • I don’t know.
  1. Re-engagement: Do you have a good balance of user acquisition and retargeting efforts?
    • Yes, we have a retargeting strategy in place to meet our retention and re-engagement metrics. We actively analyze the data to ensure that our strategy is performing optimally and we are re-engaging our users at the right time at the right cost to us.
    • No, we don’t have an effective strategy in place.
    • Retargeting isn’t relevant to us.
  1. Reporting: Do you have full visibility of your spend and ROI across all channels?
    • Yes, we view all of our paid acquisition spend in a master dashboard.
    • No, we rely on our partners to send weekly reports but have no way of accessing this data ourselves.
    • We have several reports that we look at manually.
  1. Dedicated brainpower of vertical experts: Do you have dedicated internal resources who have both mobile app expertise and deep knowledge of Facebook, Google and ad network products and inventory?
    • Yes, we have dedicated experts for each channel (Facebook, Google, networks), and they stay up to date on all platform changes and strategies.
    • No, we have mobile app experts in-house, but we think we could be getting more out of each channel.
    • I’m not sure.

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