LOL…WHAT?!? SEOs Have A Field Day With Google’s SEO Job Posting

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  • Google is trolling! It’s like SEO inception! How ironic, Google needs an SEO!

    Those are just some of the themes that emerged in the past 24 hours since we reported on Search Engine Land that Google is looking to hire an SEO Manager.

    According to the job description, Google wants someone who can, “…take part in website development and optimization, help shape blog and social strategy, improve website code hygiene and define web architecture for international websites.”

    The minimum qualifications include a BA/BS degree in computer science or engineering with at least two years of SEO experience; the preferred qualifications listed a “strong understanding of technical SEO” with knowledge of Java, C/C++ or Python.

    The story has so far prompted about 9,000 social shares, almost four dozen comments on the article itself, and a lot of commentary on Twitter. Below are some of our favorites.

    Those last couple tweets are representative of another common reaction: If a company like Google is hiring an SEO, it’s a testament to the value of good SEO.

    If you prefer Facebook, there are also some good reactions on Search Engine Land’s original post yesterday to check out.

    (Thanks to Amy Gesenhues for assistance with this article.)

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