Good morning, ready for a Google Marketing Live rundown?  

Google’s annual two-day marketing conference kicked off in San Francisco this week – and there’s a lot to unpack. The keynote touched on a slew of hot button trends and updates, but the big picture revolves around scaling reach through multi-channel campaigns.

The newest campaign types in Google Ads extend across multiple properties. And existing types such as Shopping campaigns, for example, are getting new inventory access in Google Images, the Discover feed in the Google app and on YouTube.

This integrated, omnichannel approach aims to link Google Ads campaigns to multiple surfaces and devices, with the goal of giving marketers the ability to reach customers at every stage of their journey. Of course, for marketers, the matter of transparency and control will continue to be front and center as Google expands its automated, multi-channel efforts.  

In other news, advertisers on Facebook are seeing a performance dip in the platform’s 1% Lookalike ad targeting tool. Advertisers near and far have chimed in on what appears to be less-than-satisfactory outcomes, citing oversaturation and privacy regulations as possible causes. Even if 1% Lookalike Audience results aren’t what they used to be, it might just be enough to spark a shift toward new targeting strategies and customer relationships.

Keep reading for a Pro Tip on retailers selling on Amazon and what’s going on with Facebook’s new algorithm update.

Taylor Peterson,
Deputy Editor

Pro Tip

Be cautious selling on Amazon, but also be smart

“Retailers who have a unique product offering or competitive advantage in the market may be cautious about selling their entire catalog on Amazon,” says Sidecar’s senior director of market and customer intelligence Mike Farrell.

“Instead, they may consider selling products they are trying to move with some urgency. Think end-of-season clearance items, sizes or colors of products that are not selling well, or excess inventory. Amazon is a powerful channel for selling unwanted inventory and minimizing long-term inventory costs.”

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Live Webinar: The Future of Display Advertising - May 21

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Join our display advertising experts as they discuss new display best practices that can lift both brand awareness and bottom-line conversions. You’ll hear how you can effectively adopt emerging technologies to create more personalized, relevant display ad campaigns.

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SMX Update

Selling Smarter With Search, Social, Marketplace Ads

If you’re selling anything online, it behooves you to take advantage of all types of advertising. Google, Microsoft, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon – they are all proven channels for driving commerce sales. They are also highly competitive, which means you must be at the top of your game to beat your competitors.

At SMX Advanced, we’ve put together a session called Selling Smarter With Search, Social, Marketplace Ads where our expert speakers will discuss ways they’ve executed, optimized and measured campaigns across search, social and marketplace channels that deliver new customers, up-sell existing customers and enhance brand loyalty — all while maximizing ROAS.

As with all sessions at SMX Advanced, our speakers will be on hand after the session for Overtime, where they’ll be available to personally answer any and all questions you may have about the campaigns they’ve run or your own advertising efforts. Check out the full SMX Advanced agenda and register now.

Social Shorts

Facebook gets an algo update and Tweetdeck gets GIFs

Family, friends and “links of interest” get a boost. Facebook announced two new updates to its News Feed algorithm. After surveying users on what they want to see most in their News Feed, the company reports it will prioritize content from friends a user may want to hear from more, as well as links and videos from Pages a user may consider worthwhile. As far as how the update will impact Page content, Facebook said it isn’t aiming to show more or less from Pages, but solely surface the content people would deem worth their time.

TweetDeck rolls out new features. After tweeting a poll asking users what functions they would most like to see — GIFs, threads, polls or emojis — TweetDeck announced it was adding them all, along with the ability to tag an image. “Guess what? You’re in luck! As of today we’re testing a new way of Tweeting, now with the ability to add GIFs, threads, polls, emoji AND image tagging via TweetDeck,” posted TweetDeck on Thursday via its Twitter account. While this will surely make work easier for many social media managers, Tweetdeck received numerous new suggestions in response to its Tweet.

RIP Instagram Direct. Instagram is killing its standalone messaging app Instagram Direct. Matt Navarra tweeted an image of a notice he found directly in the app stating that it would no longer be supported in the coming month. An Instagram spokesperson sent the following statement to Marketing Land about the news: “Instagram Direct is a way to connect with your friends in a private space, and we’re focused on making it the best place to do so instead of working on two separate experiences (in-app and separate app).” The spokesperson said that all of the features from the standalone Direct app are also available in the main Instagram app, and that users are encouraged to update to the latest version of Instagram. The spokesperson also confirmed that this will not affect the ability for Facebook Pages to send or receive direct messages from Instagram, a feature that launched in February.

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