Martech enablement series: Part 9 — Bringing it all together!

Peter Ladka on
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  • Welcome to Part 9 of “A Nine Part Practical Guide to Martech Enablement.” This is a progressive guide, with each part building on the previous sections and focused on outlining a process to build a data-driven, technology-driven marketing organization within your company. Below is a list of the previous articles for your reference:

    In these previous parts, we looked at how your martech team is parallel to an automobile race team. We spent time investigating how a race team constructs their crew and then builds a strategy for winning their individual races and the overall series.

    We also looked at how they build the car and supporting technology to win their races. All the while, I drew a comparison as to how this is a successful approach for building a martech team in your organization, identifying this process as “martech enablement.”

    Now, we can reflect on the process and look at ways to evaluate your overall progress in maturing and transforming your organization.

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