Good morning, let’s look back on Facebook and Instagram marketing.

Welcome to the New Year! As we look back on 2019, we’re taking stock of the changes and trends that will help shape marketing in 2020. Today, we focus on Facebook and Instagram with a selection of influential stories and a Pro Tip from the community.


Taylor Peterson
Deputy Editor

1. Instagram’s e-commerce success is building with Stories by Jon Kroopf
Instagram’s shoppable update for Stories earlier this year and a standalone IG Shopping app in development, it is well positioned to continue its journey into e-commerce.

2. Instagram debuts in-app checkout for e-commerce brands by Amy Gesenhues
The feature allows users to make purchases without leaving the app.

3. Top 5 Facebook creative design pitfalls to avoid by Kevin Goodwin
Design for an action-based aim to increase clicks, calls or conversions because your ad dollars should convert to quantitative results.

4. What will happen to influencer marketing if Instagram ‘Likes’ go away? by Amy Gesenhues
Instagram recently tested eliminating “Like” counts on posts, a move that would likely empower influencer marketing agencies.

5. Facebook ads aren’t what they used to be, so it’s time for smarter social ad buying by Taylor Peterson
In a flooded social landscape, Wenograd argues that the most successful brands will be the ones that integrate robust paid strategies and prioritize high-quality creative.

6. Facebook Ads Manager issues are causing major headaches for advertisers by Amy Gesenhues Marketers report seeing noticeable problems as far back as last November when the platform suffered an outage days before Black Friday.

7. Facebook testing two new ad features: in-app checkout for Facebook ads, new ad unit for Instagram by Amy Gesenhues
A small set of advertisers have access to the the in-app checkout feature for Facebook News Feed ads.

8. Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimization is coming. Are you ready? by Amy Gesenhues
The time to start testing CBO is now.

9. Facebook removing gray verified badges from Pages later this month by Amy Gesenhues
Page owners will begin receiving notices this week that the badges are going away starting October 28.

10. Responsive ads come to Facebook with Multiple Text Optimization by Amy Gesenhues
Advertisers can create several versions of ad copy, headline and description at the ad level.

Pro Tip Throwback

Know the best practices on your social media platforms

“Know the terrain of the digital landscape and make sure that you can articulate your message in different ways depending on the platform,” explains Ronald Dod of Visiture. “With Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media platform advertising, you’ll need to be especially aware of this. Something that works as a tweet often doesn’t make a good LinkedIn post, and vice versa. If your social media posts aren’t getting enough engagement, consider that they might need to be tailored to the platform better and review some best practices and stay on top of recent updates when writing for different social media. Familiarizing yourself with each platform’s unique standards, such as their character limits and post formatting is important.”

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The Periodic Tables of PPC

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