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Quora on Wednesday announced two new features in its ad platform: Advanced Match and Conversions Windows. Advanced match allows advertisers to modify the Quora Pixel code to match secure, hashed emails with more website conversions from Quora Ads. The major benefit is that advertisers will be able to better follow conversion actions across multiple devices when there is no tracking cookie present. The conversion windows feature, on the other hand, allows advertisers to indicate how long after an ad interaction a conversion can be counted. Advertisers can indicate a 1-90 day click-through or a 1-30 day view-through.

Snapchat’s parent company Snap Inc. reported a 44% year-over-year increase in revenue for the fourth quarter of 2019, reaching $561 million. Daily active users (DAUs) on the platform reached 218 million, up 4% from 210 million in the previous quarter. Despite strong growth and promising user numbers, Snap’s revenue fell shy of analysts’ revenue expectations of $563 million and ARPU growth has slowed. The company said it’s focused on growing its total number of advertisers on the platform and diversifying its brand partners.

Google Chrome’s ad blocking efforts will soon extend to “intrusive” video ads. The browser will adopt the latest standards for video ads from the Coalition for Better Ads (CBA), announced Wednesday. The changes will likely affect advertising formats on Google’s own YouTube. The CBA’s Better Ads Standards now include: Mid-roll ads of any duration, pre-roll ads or ads longer than 31 seconds that cannot be skipped in the first 5 seconds, and text or display ads that appear in the middle third of a playing video or are larger than 20% of the video content.

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Pro Tip

Does your definition of self-service match a vendor?

“Media buyers have a difficult job, whether it’s the hours, heavy workload, or demanding clients – being inundated with choices when it comes to martech vendors doesn’t make things any easier. Working in adtech over the past 10 years, I’ve seen just about every tactic there is to demonstrate uniqueness, create value and bury margin,” explains James Moore of “Navigating through the noise is complicated and can lead to brands and agencies investing in the wrong technology, which is not easily undone.”

“For instance, everyone has a different definition of self-service. Make sure your definition matches that of the vendor, and at the very least ensure that you have some level of access to see, inspect and monitor the actions of campaigns. Nobody is going to provide the same level of oversight as those within your company.”

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Learn how to build a business case for a CDP

Getting buy-in from leadership for “yet-another-three-letter acronym” marketing platform is challenging, especially when it feels like you aren’t making the most of your existing martech stack. This eBook from BlueConic will help you establish the organizational impact of a CDP and understand how a CDP increases the value of your martech stack.

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Social Shorts

Facebook Audience Network gets cut for mobile web, VSCO steps further into video, Instagram adds GIF replies

Facebook to shut down Audience Network for mobile web. Facebook is planning to shut down the mobile web arm of its Audience Network starting on April 11, the company confirmed on Wednesday. The exact rationale for the move is unclear, but sources said the decision was likely fueled by browser companies’ recent changes to throttle cookies in the mobile web environment, plus the internal resources required to keep on top of potential negative impacts from new data regulations and brand safety issues. A Facebook spokesperson said mobile web placements represented only a marginal piece of Facebook’s Audience Network business, and their removal will not have a material impact.

VSCO adds video publishing. Photo-sharing app VSCO is expanding further into video, giving users on iOS the ability to post videos. In December, VSCO moved further into the video market with the acquisition of video technology company Rylo. The company already supported video editing via its app, but users couldn’t publish and share directly to the VSCO feed the results of their long-form video content. VSCO’s current video editing tools are focused on photo-like edits, including the use of presets and adjustments like exposure or contrast. With the launch of the new video posting feature, VSCO said more advanced video capabilities will soon be rolling out, thanks to Rylo.

New Instagram story reply feature. It’s a small thing, but a fun one. Instagram users can now reply to a friend’s story using GIPHY GIFs, the platform announced Tuesday. To apply a GIF, users can run a search by keyword in the reply text box. 


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