Good morning, Twitter has some good news.

For a few years there, Twitter tried to make a go of it with direct response advertising. (Remember, it was the first to have lead gen capture ads?) It invested in ad formats and tech but commitment waned as focus shifted to driving ad revenue from brand video and deprecated other ad tech. Twitter’s tune may be changing, though. 

In announcing its fourth quarter earnings yesterday (global mDAUs increased by 21% and ad revenue growth rebounded a bit), Twitter executives noted updates that they expect will improve direct response advertising on the platform. These include an updated mobile app ad format and improvements to MoPub.

Marketing investment in identity resolution platforms is expected to top $2.6 billion by 2022. As privacy regulations and browser crackdowns on third-party cookie tracking take hold, companies are looking for ways to unify their first-party customer data. Orchestrating this effort across an enterprise, however, entails overcoming numerous challenges. If you’re struggling with this internally, you’re not alone. Just 15.3% of 400 brand marketers surveyed could identify their audiences accurately and consistently, a Winterberry study found. If you’re in the midst of deploying an identity resolution solution or have a success story to share, we’d love to hear from you. Send me a note at

Keep reading for a Pro Tip on Amazon Sponsored Brands and more. 

Taylor Peterson, 
Deputy Editor

Pro Tip

Amazon’s Sponsored Brands share rises for new-to-brand

“New-to-brand metrics are also available for the Amazon Sponsored Brands ad format, which appears at the top of Amazon search results as well as additional placements rolled out in late 2018. My employer’s advertisers saw the share of total Sponsored Brands conversions attributed as new-to-brand grow from 58% in Q3 to 60% in Q4,” explains Andy Taylor of Tinuiti. 

“Even more interesting is how new-to-brand share moved during the core weeks of the winter holiday shopping season between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. During this roughly four-week period, daily new-to-brand conversion share averaged 64%, compared to the 60% figure observed for Q4 overall.”

“It seems that customers are more willing to purchase from brands they haven’t bought from previously and/or those which they haven’t purchased from in at least a year during the holidays. This is an important consideration to keep in mind when allocating budget and placing bids throughout the crucial holiday shopping season.”

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Social Shorts

Facebook’s antitrust woes, Instagram engagement update

EU pursuing Facebook’s alleged rival squashing. EU antitrust regulators are seeking a trove of Facebook documents related to alleged efforts by the company “to identify and squash potential rivals.” Critics claim Facebook improperly used VPN app Onavo, a 2013 acquisition, to obtain detailed, competitive usage data on rivals. 

Instagram unfollows coming? Instagram now lets users see the accounts they interact with least often from the “Following” option in their profiles. The “Least interacted with” list shows accounts from the last 90 days. 


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