Good morning, have you heard of Scape Technologies? 

It now belongs to Facebook. The UK-based startup has developed AR technology that makes it possible to create 3D renderings of physical locations with location precision — all without relying on location technologies like GPS or reverse IP targeting. Facebook bought Scape Technologies for a rumored $40 million

What’s interesting about the purchase isn’t so much Scape’s AR capabilities, but its ability to create 1:1 digital representation of the physical world. “It’s as much a mapping company as an AR startup,” writes Marketing Land’s Greg Sterling, “It’s seeking to build an infrastructure for the next-generation of ‘spatial-computing devices,’ which includes wearables, autonomous vehicles and other devices.” 

What does this mean for marketers? “There are numerous applications for Scape’s visual positioning technology, if fully realized. The types of novelty AR and digital gaming we’ve seen to date are just a small part of that larger vision,” according to Sterling. There’s also the targeting, attribution and competitive intelligence it could potentially provide — all factors that will elevate Facebook’s advertising capabilities. 

Don’t stop reading yet, we have a Soapbox from agility coach Stacey Ackerman, along with the latest from Pinterest and IGTV.

Amy Gesenhues, 
Senior Editor


Determine what valuable work means to your company

When marketers first try agile marketing and are asked to prioritize a marketing backlog, they’re often faced with a big problem – they don’t know how to prioritize one work request over another. They find themselves caught in the middle of power struggles between stakeholders fighting for their initiatives.

To combat this problem – and to effectively say no to work that is lower value – the company needs to align at a higher level and really understand what the key objectives are for the organization.

If your company doesn’t have clear business objectives, or if they aren’t rolling down to the marketers on the ground, this piece of the puzzle needs to get resolved. Once the teams have a clear idea of what the business values the most, they have a leg to stand on when saying no to work requests that are not aligned to the company’s larger priorities.

There are numerous studies out there that show when people are focused, they’re a lot more productive. With agile marketing, if teams can cut out the noise and distractions of work that is low value, they can spend more time, effort and energy creating really kick-butt campaigns that help drive the kind of business results the company is trying to accomplish.

– Stacey Ackerman is the founder of Agilify Coaching & Training


Develop the content your target audience actually wants

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Social Shorts

Pinterest’s Verified Merchant Program and Instagram looks to monetize IGTV

Pinterest to verify merchants. Pinterest is in the process of launching a Verified Merchant Program that will allow retailers on the platform to be verified, making their products eligible for distribution within Pinterest shopping experiences, including Shop the Look Pins and related product carousels. The program will roll out over the coming months. Brands can sign up to be put on a waitlist so that they’re notified when applications are open. 

IGTV working on monetization feature. Instagram confirmed to TechCrunch it is prototyping a feature that would give creators on IGTV, Instagram’s long-form video platform, a way to monetize their content. The “Instagram Partner Program” would make it possible for creators to earn revenue by showing ads alongside their videos — something that’s been absent from the platform since its inception in 2018. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri tweeted, “It’s no secret that we’ve been exploring this. We focused first on making sure the product had legs — else there would be little to monetize in the first place.” 


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