Good morning, could too many 5-star reviews turn customers off? 

American consumers said they wasted $125 on average in 2019 due to inaccurate reviews, a new report from Trustpilot found. That’s as much as $25 billion in U.S. consumer spending wasted due to inaccurate (or fake) online reviews. 

The study found that 48% of U.S. consumers relying more on reviews today than two years ago, but still more than 70% of consumers don’t trust 5-star ratings. Additionally, 89% of consumers globally (and 90% in the U.S.) check reviews online before making purchases. However, nearly half (49%) of consumers also “believe that ‘too many companies’ are creating fake reviews online.” Those consumers worry fake reviews “will lead them to waste money on poor products and services.” 

Marketers in retail or B2C services, take note: consumers might rely heavily on reviews but they’re just as wary of the authenticity or credibility of those reviews. Consumers want to see some mixed reviews to ensure that they’re not being manipulated by fake reviews. The lessons here for marketers are: 1) welcome critical reviews; 2) address them in a sincere and not perfunctory way; 3) make sure to focus on multiple, relevant review sites as consumers seek validation to protect themselves against fraud.

We’ve got more for you below, including a soapbox feature on how marketers dealing with data loss should re-evaluate key marketing objectives. 

Taylor Peterson, 
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Get ready to adapt to data loss by re-evaluating key objectives

I think 2020 is going to be the year of evaluation. Marketing strategies, data collection strategies, and platforming strategies are all going to be called into question as regulations tighten and browsers participate more actively in privacy regulation.

For marketers dealing with data loss and other privacy concerns, this change is an opportunity to re-evaluate their initiatives. This is a time to take stock of their programs and identify their key objectives – ensuring that their marketing initiatives are aligning with the overall business objectives. Marketers will need to adapt to the changing environment, which really will be the new norm!

– Abby Matchett is the enterprise analytics lead at Bounteous


6 reasons why your agency should offer SEO

Not every agency is comfortable selling SEO. But taking the leap is essential to your and your clients’ success. Search engine optimization plays a major role in companies’ visibility, which means you’re doing clients a disservice if you don’t offer it. This white paper from Boostability covers six reasons why you should offer SEO as a digital marketing partner.

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Social Shorts

Brands on TikTok could soon get better creator insights, WhatsApp rolls out dark mode in its latest release

TikTok gets new analytics tools. The video-sharing app is rolling out a new suite of analytics tools in ‘Creator Marketplace,’ TikTok’s platform for brand and influencer collaborations. According to Social Media Today, the new tools offer real-time insights into influencer campaign views, engagement rates, engaged audience demographics and more. Not everyone has access to Creator Marketplace as TikTok is currently running it as an “exclusively invitation-based experience system” for now. Brands can apply via the main website or contact TikTok directly for a prioritized invitation.

Dark mode comes to WhatsApp. Facebook on Tuesday introduced the latest UX upgrade for WhatsApp: dark mode. According to Facebook, it’s been a long time coming and “was the most requested feature from users everywhere.” The feature is rolling out over the next few days and will be available on the newest version of the app. Users on Android 10 and iOS 13 can use dark mode by enabling it in system settings. Users on Android 9 and below can go into WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Theme and select Dark.


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