Good morning, what does a digital transformation look like?

CMOs are taking over the customer journey – and with that comes the push for deeper insights, cleaner data, and a more connected view of the funnel. For many organizations, this requires a digital transformation and a fundamental culture shift (which as we all know isn’t an easy undertaking). But agencies are listening, and they’re helping CMOs break down the barriers to digital transformation.

“You kind of need to build the plane while you’re flying,” said Razorfish President Josh Campo. He sees his agency as the glue that helps bind together the silos within a business, connecting the organization across categories and between functional groups. It may be a massive expansion, but the companies that are shifting their focus from product to consumer by gathering feedback across the digital experience, are the ones winning the race.

In other news, consumers are calling for protection from fake reviews, according to a new survey from Bazaarvoice. The company polled roughly 10,000 consumers in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, and Australia and discovered that 72% of consumers want retailers to take stronger action and create standards to prevent deceptive or fraudulent reviews. Consumers indicated that fake reviews impact brand trust and the majority wanted only verified purchasers to be able to post reviews.

Take note, marketers: consumers are more dependent on reviews than ever, but they’re increasingly wary of fraud.

Taylor Peterson, 
Deputy Editor

Pro Tip

Rethinking emotion in marketing to deepen engagement

“Depending on your goals, you might want your audience to choose a particular product or service. In other cases, you might be focused on eliciting a behavioral response that leads your audience to click on a button, open an e-mail, or break out a credit card,” explains Jade Bunke of National Technical Systems. “In any of these cases, you want to approach emotional marketing as a process by which to trigger biological reactions to your creative assets.”

“As a marketer, you’re in a unique position to use creativity to elicit an emotional response that’s beneficial to your business. The key is to get your audience’s brain to respond favorably to your work. As part of this approach, you might need to think about emotional marketing differently. After all, thinking about how to use emotion to drive outcomes is not only good thinking, it’s also good marketing.”

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A wide pay gap still exists between male and female influencers

Last year, we wrote about social influencers and the age-old gender pay gap. At the time, Klear reported that female influencers made up 77% of the industry – yet earned $108 less per post than their male counterparts. Klear released a follow-up report this week highlighting the latest findings on influencer pay inequality – and the numbers are still disappointing. As of March 2020, female influencers make up 84% of the industry and earn $128 less than their male influencers.


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