Good morning, Marketers, have you adopted the BIMI standard for email yet?  

BIMI stands for “brand indicators for message identification.” In other words, it’s that official brand logo you see next to a sender’s name in the inbox. In the last year, BIMI has rapidly become a standard in the industry, helping combat email fraud with a process that ensures a message is authentic. It’s kind of like having that official blue checkmark next to your brand’s name.  

With BIMI enabled, an email must pass all the authentication requirements for the logo to appear in the inbox. For a deeper look, our own email expert Jennifer Cannon wrote up a primer to outline what marketers need to know about BIMI as the latest email standard.

Advertisers on Reddit can now buy Trending Takeover ad units, the platform’s first ad type that appears in the trending section of Reddit’s Popular tab and Search dropdown. Launched Monday, the new format has a campaign life of 24 hours since it’s designed to natively appear alongside the most popular trends of that day.

Reddit’s ad offering has been slow to match up to other social platforms, but the new Trending Takeover unit is evidence that Reddit is placing a higher priority on connecting brands with audiences. Advertisers can use the Trending Takeover format as a way to drive high visibility and build top-of-funnel awareness next to the top-trending topics

There’s more to read below, including a Soapbox feature on setting clear boundaries with stakeholders using an agile-first approach. 

Taylor Peterson,
Deputy Editor


Set clear boundaries with stakeholders

In traditional marketing, we’ve become prescriptive when it comes to requesting work. I’m amazed at how many times a well-educated, experienced marketer gets a work request with multiple pages of instructions and zero room for any thinking whatsoever.

Work should come to an agile marketing team with some information, which can include serving the customer or market as well as how this work will benefit the stakeholders. It’s also fair game to explain how the work may relate to business goals and objectives as well. A few more details on what’s needed are fine, but the goal is to provide the marketing team with a problem, not to spell out a solution.

Agile marketers are smart people who are great at solving complex problems, and since they’re experts on the work they do, let them decide some essential things such as what channels are best and how to do this creatively (staying within brand standards, of course).

– Stacey Ackerman is the founder of Agilify Coaching & Training


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Social Shorts

Add URLs to (some) TikToks, VSCO’s new video editing tool

New URL option for TikTok posts. TikTok users can now attach URLs to their posts – though there are only three websites that can currently be linked to: TripAdvisor, Wikipedia, and Yelp. While the feature seems oriented toward travel, local businesses, and public information, it’s a small step that provides users with more ways to engage with a post. 

VSCO introduces new video collage tool. Last week, VSCO launched a new editing tool called ‘Montage’ which lets users create multi-layered still and video combination projects for use in social feeds. As explained by VSCO, “You can stack and layer in one or more videos, photos, colors, and shapes to create a unique collage-like video.” It’s a good tool for small businesses that need to create high-impact motion content with limited resources.


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