Good morning, are you taking care of yourself? 

These are unprecedented times. If you’re having moments of feeling overwhelmed or even panicked, you’re not alone. To help us all remember to take moments for ourselves and perhaps get new ideas for dealing with stress, we’re going to share a quick mindful moment exercise in the newsletter for as long as it seems to make sense. We’ve organized mindfulness exercises at our SMX events and have found them be helpful – but feel free to skip over it. If you have a helpful exercise of your own to share with the community, let me know me at

Today’s daily break: For two minutes, sit on the edge of your chair with your feet planted on the floor. Close your eyes and pay attention to your breath. A good tip we found if your mind starts wandering is to remember to “feel your feet”

And now – back to the marketing news. Conversation Ads are finally coming to LinkedIn, the company announced yesterday. The ad format builds on LinkedIn’s current Message Ads (formerly Sponsored InMail) and can include options for multiple customized calls-to-action such as product education, webinar sign-ups, or eBook downloads to connect with prospects wherever they are in the funnel. The ad format will be rolling out globally in beta to all advertisers over the next few weeks.

Criteo has launched a new ‘Traffic Generation’ solution that relies on the ad tech company’s first-party data to reach consumers through upper-funnel campaigns. It’s a swift turn from Criteo’s usual offering and underscores the need for ad tech firms to pivot away from using targeting data that is not only becoming scarce but is putting companies at risk of litigation.

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Pro Tip

Avoid going over budget with this Google Ads Script

With PPC strategies needing to pivot for a variety of reasons related to Covid-19, we have a variety of Google Ads script to help you manage your Google Ads account.

“The script allows you to track budget at the top line as well as breaking down budgets for different sets of campaigns, labels and channels,” explains Wesley Parker of Clicteq. “You set a budget for the time frame that you want to track that is displayed at the top line on the graph. The script then plots daily the cumulative spend for the month on each day tracking towards your goal.”

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Social Shorts

Twitter echoes YouTube with automated review processes, Instagram tests another camera feature

Twitter’s automated review process. Yesterday, we told you about YouTube’s latest efforts to maintain its content ecosystem with an automated review process during the COVID-19 outbreak. Twitter is following suit with its own moderation process that relies on automation tools to detect and remove violating content. Why we care: As automatic reviews take effect across various platforms, it will be important to keep an eye on your posts in case they are flagged for removal (even if it doesn’t violate policies). Machines aren’t perfect, right? Source: Twitter

Instagram tests a mirror camera effect for Stories. The Facebook-owned platform is experimenting with yet another Stories addition – this time with a new ‘Mirror’ camera mode that splits your screen into varying types of reflected views. Why we care: This is a play straight out of TikTok – and audiences are here for it. Spice things up a bit by employing the new creative feature in your own posts with engaging visual content for your Stories viewers. Source: Social Media Today


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