Good morning, what does your customer experience strategy look like?

In times like these, perhaps your CX strategy is shifting. Or maybe, you’re taking the downtime to build out a richer customer experience approach to adapt to your organization’s recent learnings. Either way, retail marketing expert Mike Ferrell offers four customer experience marketing lessons from brands that are crushing the game. Get out your notebooks, CX marketers.  

  1. ULTA  | Excelling in: Loyalty programs

Successful loyalty programs prioritize personalization, audience segmentation, and messaging, like the Ultamate Rewards Program. Ulta’s loyalty members drive more than 95% of the company’s total revenue. The beauty retailer uses its loyalty program as a communication medium with customers, and the program is designed to reward shoppers for the value exchange TIP: Treat loyalty programs like a relationship channel first, and let the revenue acquisition follow.

  1. REI  | Excelling in: Social consciousness

REI’s Product Sustainability Standard holds the company accountable for supporting social stewardship and environmental consciousness. It prioritizes the use of recycled and other sustainable materials in its products, anchoring REI’s values and those of its customers. TIP: Sidestep the race to the bottom on factors like price and shipping. Instead, win customers through shared core values.

  1. American Girl  | Excelling in: Retailtainment

‘Retailtainment’ has taken off as brick-and-mortar retailers reinvent the in-store experience. At American Girl, young customers and their dolls can get makeovers, have birthday parties, customize doll outfits, and find clothing for themselves. Children can then share pictures of their experience on social media, making a strong marketing connection to the memories shoppers create in-store. TIP: Strengthen shoppers’ positive memories of your brand by reinforcing in-store experiences on other marketing channels.

  1. IKEA  | Excelling in: Augmented reality

Shoppers often want to touch, try on, and try out products before buying them. IKEA uses 3D and AR technology to let customers visualize products in a room in their home, all while leveraging the retailer’s vast inventory. Augmented reality done right can bring your product catalog to life and play a key role in the purchase journey. TIP: Overcome online shopping friction by attaching AR directly to buyers’ decision-making process.

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Instagram tests disappearing messages, à la Snapchat. It’s one of the few features Instagram has yet to copy from Snapchat: messages that disappear. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch that it’s prototyping an ephemeral text messaging feature that clears the chat thread whenever you leave it, though it’s not available to test for the public yet. Why we care: A disappearing text feature could make users more comfortable and willing to engage in quippy, short-lived chats, thereby increasing the reply notifications that keep people opening Instagram all day long. More eyeballs on the app = more potential for brands to be seen. Source: TechCrunch


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