Good morning, let’s get through this week together. 

First, an update: It will probably come as no surprise that we’re canceling our MarTech West conference planned for mid-April in San Jose. We’ll miss being in San Jose, but we’ll be back. 

The good news? We’ll be going virtual with Discover Martech, which will take place April 21-23. It’s a free virtual conference where the use of martech for better marketing will be on display, along with updates on the martech landscape, year-over-year trends, and what happens now. Registration is open. Dresscode is quarantine casual. Will you join us?

In other news, small agencies are bracing for impact during this tumultuous time, but remote work isn’t slowing them down. While many expect that client budget and project changes will have a negative effect on their businesses, their teams’ ability to work remotely amid the coronavirus outbreak is the least of their worries. That’s according to a survey of 250 predominantly small agencies (fewer than 30 employees) around the world between Wednesday, Mar. 18 and Tuesday, Mar. 24 conducted by Ad World Masters.

When asked how prepared they were to work remotely on a scale of one to 10 with one being “not prepared” and 10 being “totally ready,” the average answer was 8.5. More than 40% answered with a 10. Perhaps, the agencies that will successfully come out of this on the other side will be those that have mastered the art of WFH. 

There’s more to read below, including a look at how YouTubers are finding ways to create content amid social distancing, along with a mindful moment for staying grounded. 

Taylor Peterson,
Deputy Editor

Pro Tip

Tell us how you’re pivoting during COVID-19

The massive disruption of COVID-19 is forcing many of us to pivot and rethink everything we do. And right now, our community needs some fresh ideas on how to manage the overwhelming situation.

That’s where you come in. We’re looking for tips on how to work through the varied challenges so we can learn from each other and offer some hope for control (even if small) during this uncertain time.

Share your tips and creative thinking on managing your work. It can be client-facing or something you’ve tried with your staff. We’ll highlight the best on our site and include an excerpt right here in our newsletter.

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Creative Shorts

YouTubers find ways to create content despite ‘social distancing’

Thousands of YouTube creators earn their living vlogging about travel, food, outdoor recreation and other interests that require being around people and away from home. Now that that’s not possible, some YouTubers are finding ways to keep the content flowing. Some are uploading footage from pre-quarantine times, while others are repurposing their channels. A few examples: 

  • TheTimTracker – a channel that usually focuses on recreational theme parks – has shifted its focus to daily vlogs of at-home activities. 
  • A car-related YouTube channel called B is for Build has an entire content creation team. To keep working, the team agreed they would not see anyone other than their families and one another.
  • Longtime YouTuber Jenna Marbles is asking for fans to send their favorite TikTok videos. She’ll make videos of herself reacting to them to provide comfort to fans who are also stuck at home.

Source: The Verge


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Mindful Moment

This is a difficult time for us all. We are sharing a mindfulness exercise daily to help those interested to take a moment to decompress and regain focus. If you have a tip or exercise to share with the community, please email me at

This week, we have a series of suggestions from Tara Martello, a meditation and mindfulness coach based in Philadelphia. “Fear, stress, and panic can lead to unhealthy distractions like food, alcohol, and technology binges. Instead of self-medicating with unhealthy habits, take the extra time you have in your day to start a mindfulness meditation practice,” advises Martello. 

Stay grounded exercise: Take a seat or stand still and feel your feet on the ground. Imagine them connected to roots that are firmly planting you into the earth. Enjoy the feeling of strength and grounding that follows.


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