Good morning, how has your social marketing changed? 

Social media has seen unprecedented usage in recent weeks as people stay indoors with technology. Brands have been quick to reshape their social messaging – and as a result, the platforms powering social media marketing are moving quickly to support the outflux of crisis communications

For example, Opendorse (a social publishing platform for sports marketing teams) has expanded its offering to all business types, while other social management tools are rolling out new features to address the pandemic. In March, Socialbakers made its platform free for non-government organizations (NGOs) and is extending a similar offer to government institutions to aid their crisis communication programs. It also released a COVID-19 Dashboard for brands, NGOs, and government organizations.

Sprout Social, on the other hand, released a COVID-19 Featured Listening Topic tool – a data insights feature that is now available to Sprout Social Listening users at no additional cost. According to the company, it took the team just over a week to move the feature from concept to launch. Teams are moving quickly to work through the crisis, and it’s nice to know that social marketing tools are too. 

There’s more below, including why TikTok could be facing licensing lawsuits, and Twitter’s latest data announcement.  

Taylor Peterson,
Deputy Editor

Social Shorts

Facebook’s app for couples, Twitter shares more data with advertisers and TikTok’s latest legal troubles

Facebook has a new app for couples. Earlier this week, the tech giant quietly released a new app for couples called Tuned, developed by Facebook’s New Product Experimentation team. It takes on a messaging app appearance and is designed to help romantic partners communicate via text, voice messages, photos, and songs. Why we care: The app abides by Facebook’s data policy, which allows user information to be collected for ad targeting purposes. Source: The Information


Twitter is sharing more data with advertisers. Twitter alerted users with a pop-up this week that it’s passing more data to advertisers in order to help prove the effectiveness of ads on its platform. As part of the effort, Twitter removed a privacy setting that users could toggle to prevent Twitter from sharing information (such as ads views and your device ID). For most users, that information will now be shared by default and can’t be turned off. Why we care: According to Twitter, this move helps verify that people are actually watching, interacting with, and otherwise seeing the ads that advertisers are paying for, which helps the company “continue operating as a free service.” For advertisers, this means more measurable data which could drive stronger ad performance. Suddenly, advertising on Twitter makes sense. Source: The Verge


Publishers threaten to sue TikTok over music licensing issues. TikTok has taken measures to reduce the amount of copyrighted music on its platform, but the Chinese-owned app still has a long way to go. According to the Financial Times, the National Music Publishers Association is threatening legal action against TikTok, and rumor has it that Universal Music Publishing Group is considering doing the same. Why we care: TikTok is still a young platform, and will likely continue to experience legal growing pains – especially with music as a core feature of its platform. Brands on TikTok should keep an eye on the music they use (especially in campaigns). Or, do what e.l.f. cosmetics did – and make your own track. Source: Financial Times


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