Good morning, are you still WFH?

For better or worse, working from home is one of the long-term economic and cultural shifts that will be with us long after the pandemic. Many companies are now even making working remotely a permanent option, with Facebook and Twitter among them. But for the marketers and technologists who are already digitally fluent, increased productivity in working from home could mean working more often, leading to burnout

“Removing the boundaries around work – such as morning and afternoon commutes – allows employees to work more efficiently, and just plain work more,” wrote Marketing Land editor Greg Sterling. “Indeed, during the pandemic many workers report working more hours than before it began. That has led many to feel stressed, fatigued and even burned out.”

According to a recent survey from professional social network Fishbowl of more than 16,000 WFH employees, just under 69% said they were burned out on working from home. Slicing the data by industry, tech workers (74%) and those in advertising/marketing (73%) lead others in saying yes to the question, “Has working from home during the pandemic caused you to experience workplace burnout?” Women said “yes” in slightly higher numbers than men according to the survey.

The shift to more remote work will continue shaping the lives of marketers and technology workers in subtle but dramatic ways. And while remote work is already a reality for a large number of digital marketers, we expect there to be substantial adjustments in the office-free future around mentoring, employee development and collaboration among others.

There’s more below, including a possible catalog error for retailers on Facebook.

Taylor Peterson,
Deputy Editor


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“Upload session failed”

If you’re seeing that upload error in Facebook catalog manager, you’re not alone. We’ve reached out to Facebook for comment. 


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