Good morning, how many of your marketing tools are open source? 

Love it or hate it, open source development isn’t going anywhere – and it has a growing role to play in the future of marketing technology. One of the key benefits is it doesn’t rely on one single individual or small team to solve problems. “For enterprises looking to build new platforms, they want to have access to a worldwide community that can crowd-source innovation, and can future-proof their platforms by ensuring that they’re extensible and can integrate with everything in their tech stack,” said Kevin Cochrane, Acquia’s SVP of Product Marketing.

But there are other benefits, too – like how open source development ensures that data, AI, and machine learning models can be shared more broadly, and improved upon by the community of developers at large. But even with the apparent benefits of open source martech, why are there still so few martech vendors who put it at the core of their offering? 

Cochrane offered a personal viewpoint: “I think the problem is a very simple one. There has been a raft of investment from the venture community in new tools, designed to capture CMO spend. This spun up a lot of companies solving very specific aspects of the CMO’s problems. Each of those companies actually built their stack on open source, but they did so in a closed way, because they were looking to get to market quickly and fix some pain point.” What has yet to happen, said Cochrane, is an initiative to spur wider adoption across the industry. “We need to recognize it’s time to bring this community together.”

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Hearing Highlights

Some other highlights from Wednesday’s antitrust hearings with the CEOs of Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google:

Some other highlights from Wednesday’s antitrust hearings with the CEOs of Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google:

  • Panel chair David Cicilline of Rhode Island raised concerns that Google “steals content” and uses its ability to surveil vast amounts of data to “identify competitive threats and crush them.” Pichai, again predictably, disputed the claims and said it uses data to improve results. 
  • Tim Cook of Apple, said the App Store is just another feature of the iPhone like the camera. 
  • Jeff Bezos was peppered with a surprising number of questions about its marketplace. Bezos said Amazon does have policies preventing internal access to third-party seller data for its own private label brands, but couldn’t say it hadn’t violated those policies. Reps. Pramila Jayapal, Mary Gay Scanlon, Jaimie Raskin and Ken Buck were among those who pressed Bezos on its use of third-party data to inform and market its own proprietary products and brands. 
  • Val Demings of Florida  pressed Pichai on Google’s decision to combine data from web traffic and Google’s properties in 2016 after saying it would not do so when it acquired DoubleClick in 2007. Pichai said users can turn ads personalization on and off and have made it easy to control their data. 
  • Zuckerberg said the environment has become even more competitive for Facebook since 2012.

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