Good morning, how do you define visual commerce? 

Shoppable posts, visual search, branded partnerships, AR experiences – however you define it, one thing is clear: visual commerce is transforming the customer experience in a big way. “The transition that people expected to take four years has occurred in four months,” said Chris Beaudin, director of marketing for Atlatl Software, a visual commerce platform. “It is a drastic mental shift that is now a necessity. A lot of big companies were dragging their feet, making the back end a priority, now they have to play catch-up.” 

Visual commerce can be sophisticated, like using a visual digital platform to sell a car, where users can experiment with different colors, interiors, or seating material. It can also be simple – like shoppable media on Instagram or Pinterest. 

Whatever you’re selling, there are three fundamental steps of visualization in the commerce process:

Product visualization: Seeing the product
Visual configuration: Customizing options and features
Augmented reality: Viewing the product in a custom virtual environment

“These are all subtle emotional ways to connect with your buyer to influence the purchase, which is your goal as a marketer,” said Beaudin. “They own it digitally so naturally they want to own it physically.” 

There’s more below, including news on a new YouTube update for creators. 

Ginny Marvin,


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YouTube Analytics updates

YouTube announced a few analytics updates for creators last week. Brands posting video content on YouTube can see real-time data on the Analytics tab in Creator Studio. The new “See More” link at the bottom of that section allows you to analyze your real-time performance in full-screen view. 

The channel recommendations that appear above the main charts are getting an update. “We’ve improved our analysis to detect reasons why your video could be over or underperforming, such as changes in search or external traffic,” according to the company. 

Lastly, YouTube Stories remain largely under the radar, but YouTube is now adding some Stories analytics on the mobile app’s home screen when you’re logged into your account. 

Why we care. For brands, the real-time insights and channel suggestions offer insights on what content is resonating which can inform your video optimization efforts and ongoing content strategy. Giving creators and brands some insights into their Stories activity could help the format gain some traction.


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