Good morning, Marketers, do you use ‘time spent’ as an engagement metric?

And does your platform have AI capabilities that can activate recommendations based on those metrics? AI-driven content amplification platform inPowered has proposed a specific minimum 15 seconds of time spent on a page as an optimal metric for engagement. The intention is to get away from inflated vanity metrics by shifting the focus to users who are more likely to convert.

Data is used to drive a post-click customer journey, with AI making recommendations for next-best-action. According to inPowered, this type of AI-driven content distribution, including re-targeting the 15 second-plus visitors, has shown superior ROI to DSP and ad-network buys.

A lot of work has gone into using AI to analyze digital behavior and make content recommendations based on it. And while there’s still more work to be done in terms of wider adoption of AI across the industry, it’s on the fast-track to becoming a core necessity. The need to scale personalization efforts with efficiency (like automatically targeting more engaged visitors) will drive better results in the long run.

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Mobile video usage keeps climbing

Is your video strategy evolving? 8 in 10 Gen Zs and Millennials watch user generated content on their phones every day, according to a 2020 NRG study commissioned by Snap. And while not as prevalent, long-form and short-form premium mobile video content consumption are growing even faster.


The Do's and Don'ts of connected TV measurement

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Any approach that measures CTV in a similar way to linear TV is already misguided. Linear TV measurement is inherently abstract due to the limitations of broadcast TV. All of the impressive technology in the world of linear TV measurement is deployed to enable statistical modeling, not to deliver precise analytics. CTV, on the other hand, is simply digital programmatic advertising but with a TV commercial as an ad unit instead of a banner ad. And its measurement functions much in the same way – it’s not saddled with linear TV’s limitations, but rather uses digital measurement that offers precision over guesstimates.

As with any other digital marketing channel, marketers have expectations when it comes to measurement. It should give a view into the whole customer journey, it should track conversions, and it should be accountable in 3rd party analytics solutions – and CTV delivers on those needs.

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