Good morning, ready to try out Facebook’s new video creation features?  

Yesterday, Facebook announced new features available in the Video Creation Kit, including one that automatically turns a single video into multiple videos with different aspect ratios. It’s an attractive tool designed to save time and promote efficiency for marketers who deliver video ads in multiple placements across Facebook’s properties. Other new features include a single-image template that adds motion effects to a still image, and 20 additional fonts for text overlays. And for those who stress over saved progress, a new “save” feature will enable advertisers to save drafts of unfinished videos to work on later.

Over on Instagram, brands will soon have the ability to create ads using organic posts from their partnered influencers. Instagram introduced the new capability on Tuesday, stating that the ability to turn organic content posts into ads has been “one of the biggest requests from brands to date.” Once the feature rolls out in the coming weeks, influencers will be able to grant permissions to their brand partners directly through Instagram. It’s good news for advertisers with tight timelines and resources, since it means reduced creative output and more efficient workflows in promoting branded influencer content.   

Keep reading for more news on how “mansplaining” can exist even in the marketing world, and Facebook’s new Avatar feature that bears a striking resemblance to Bitmoji.  

Taylor Peterson,
Deputy Editor

Pro Tip

Bias in marketing: How getting mansplained gave one man a new perspective

“I was mansplained and I suddenly understood how insulting and crass that can be, how frustrating for anyone, especially women who get this all the time,” explains Ryan Phelan of Origin Email. “We need to think seriously about imagery, messaging and team roles and responsibilities to change the conversation and not inadvertently offend or belittle the customers, coworkers, peers, vendors, clients and prospects we work with. Here are three ways to start that process. 1) Review the images you use in your marketing collateral and other materials. 2) Audit the language and content your salespeople use with prospective customers for potentially offensive language and concepts. 3) Examine the roles and responsibilities of your marketing team.”

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Live Webinar: 4 Steps to Operationalize Modern Marketing Work - June 11

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Figuring out the right balance between work to be done, when it should be prioritized and which limited resources to use, can be one of marketing’s biggest challenges. Modern marketing work requires modern workflows, and operationalizing those workflows is critical to be effective and scale your resources with the amount of work you’re expected to do. Join our experts as they discuss proven methods and strategies to help your team manage digital work processes with greater speed and efficiency.

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Social Shorts

Facebook copies Bitmojis, calls them Avatars

Facebook launches lookalike Avatars. Facebook has rolled out a new “Avatars” feature that lets users create a virtual lookalike of themselves that can be used as stickers in chats and comments. Like Bitmojis, users can customize their Facebook Avatar’s face, hair and clothes. Facebook Avatars communication manager Jimmy Raimo told TechCrunch, “There’s been a ton of work put in to this from the product and design perspective to find out, with how many people on Facebook, how to make this as representative as possible.”

YouTube partners with AXS. Starting today, music fans will be able to quickly purchase concert tickets on YouTube as part of the platform’s new partnership with ticketing provider AXS. “Fans watching videos from YouTube Official Artist Channels will now see listings from AXS events included on the video page,” writes YouTube on its Artists Blog, “Taking the jump to the live experience is easier than ever, allowing viewers to simply click on the ‘tickets’ button on YouTube and purchase tickets…directly from AXS.” According to YouTube, the platform now covers more than 90% of the U.S. ticketing market as a result of its partnerships with Eventbrite, Ticketmaster and now AXS.

TikTok trying new ad targeting options. Multiple ad executives have confirmed to Digiday that TikTok is running a beta program, offering interest-based ad targeting, custom audience and pixel tracking to a limited number of agencies. According to the report, TikTok has told agencies it is planning to make the ad targeting options available on it self-serve platform in July.

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