Good morning, are you running more in-app ads these days?

Facebook is giving mobile game developers more ad options with the launch of rewarded video and playable ads within the Facebook Audience Network. With rewarded video ads, game players can watch a video ad in exchange for incentives like extra lives or in-game currency. The playable ads format lets players try apps or games before downloading.

Now that both ad formats are available in Audience Network, game developers will have more monetization opportunities via their Facebook campaigns. Advertisers are also getting three new playable ad metrics within the Facebook Ads Manager: Instant Experiences Clicks to Open, Instant Experiences Clicks to Start and Instant Experiences Outbound Clicks. The new metrics offer gaming advertisers more insight into how their ads are performing, and are also available to Instant Experience and Lead Ads campaigns.

Marketers, prep your LinkedIn campaigns. LinkedIn announced the acquisition of Drawbridge on Tuesday – an AI and machine learning tool aimed at helping advertisers better understand their audiences. According to LinkedIn, Drawbridge will provide added value to advertisers by improving reach in Matched Audiences and Audience Network campaigns and enhancing attribution with more measurable results across channels.   

There’s more news below, including Twitter’s quest for a “Tweeter in Chief” and the new filters Facebook is testing in its Stories composer.

Taylor Peterson,
Deputy Editor

Pro Tip

Social advertising is headed toward a shakeup, get ready

“Facebook and other channels are aggressively testing new ad experiences on their platforms, including the ability for users to go from seeing a post to buying an item without ever leaving the platform,” explains Andrew Waber of Salsify. “These tests have thus far been relegated to pre-selected apparel brands. For others, take this as an opportunity to work with paid media contacts you may have at social channels. Gain a better handle on when your brand may be eligible to test out these ad units, along with getting your internal organization prepared to execute on the front- and back-end elements these ads require to be successful.”

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Social Shorts

Twitter is looking for Chief Twitter-er

The search for a Tweeter in Chief. Twitter is on the hunt for someone to fill what it’s calling the Tweeter in Chief role that can be based in San Francisco, New York or any of its U.S. offices. According to the job posting, the position will manage the @Twitter account on Twitter and set the tone for what Twitter is, how it acts and how it talks to people on the platform. Per the job description: “You are a master in the art of Twitter, and want to take that passion and expertise to the ultimate, meta level of @Twitter.”

New features for Facebook Stories composer? App researcher Jane Manchun Wong discovered Facebook is testing various filters for its Stories composer. Wong shared images via her Twitter account on Wednesday, noting the Facebook test suggests filters using an on-device machine learning model. “The filters I came across: Tunnel Grid, HDR, High Contrast and Watercolor,” tweeted Wong. The new filters appear to be part of a test Wong spotted earlier this month that showed Facebook was working on a bottom bar in its Stories composer to add text, stickers, effects and drawing capabilities.

Happy Birthday, Quora Ads! This month marks the two-year anniversary of Quora’s self-service ads platform launch. “As the platform has grown over the last two years, the team has launched new product features, announced more partnerships, and continuously iterated to increase advertiser performance and satisfaction,” writes Quora. The company reports it has thousands of advertisers on the platform and more than 300 million unique visitors to the site.

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