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Good morning, will the boycott succeed? 

More than 500 advertisers have signed on to the July Facebook Ads boycott that kicked off yesterday. For users on Instagram or Facebook, the protest is essentially invisible. Ads from any number of Facebook’s millions of advertisers are still running. Does that matter? 

Whether Facebook will meet the demands set forth by the civil rights groups spearheading the movement remains to be seen. The company issued a PR defensive yesterday and has made some minor concessions. But determining the boycott’s success might not be so clear cut, or quick. The moment is causing many brand marketers to rethink their media mix strategies that could have longer-term effects on the broader digital ecosystem. 

Advertisers might also start seeing the impact of CCPA on their retargeting campaigns in California now that enforcement is here. Facebook, for example, introduced Limited Data Use last week for businesses, limiting how data from California users is used for ad targeting. Greg Sterling found that most companies aren’t prepared for CCPA and asks what marketers should be doing to prepare for whatever comes next in data privacy regulation. 

Keep reading for more marketing insights. 

Ginny Marvin,


“Facebook boycott”

A quick look at Google Trends indicates how rapidly awareness of the advertiser boycott of Facebook gained steam.


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