The next wave of ABM: A blended approach (Part 1)

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  • Note: This piece was co-authored with Rob Leavitt, senior vice president at ITSMA.

    In the past few years, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) has grown as a category and really transformed the B2B marketing landscape. But its quick ascent to B2B stardom has left quite a few marketers confused about how best to incorporate it into their organizations.

    In particular, marketers are struggling to understand exactly how to build out their ABM programs. Should they target a small handful of accounts or broaden their reach? What types of companies should they focus on? Enterprise? Mid-market? What about existing customers?

    While there’s no universal, one-size-fits-all answer to these questions (a lot of it really depends on your organization, business goals and team), there are some guidelines B2B marketers can follow as they build out their strategies. In this article, we’ll flesh out three of the most common ones and lay the groundwork for the next wave of ABM: a personalized, blended ABM strategy that drives results for your organization.

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    Jessica Fewless
    After 4+ years at Demandbase (and 20+ years in B2B Marketing), Jessica has seen it all when it comes to Account-Based Marketing. Playing an instrumental role in Demandbase’s rollout of an ABM strategy, and educating over 1000 B2B marketers on the principles of ABM over the last 18 months, Jessica has become a resident expert. From building the right target account list and understanding the impact of ABM on marketing programs, to selling ABM within an organization and finding budget for your strategy, Jessica has worked with organizations to build, hone, and measure the success of their own ABM strategies.