There is no ‘I’ in successful ABM

When I saw this video of cadets helping each other scale a high wall, I was immediately struck by how planning, preparation and teamwork can clearly blow away making it up as you go. It’s a simple demonstration of the executional power of repeatable processes that can scale (pardon the pun).

It reminded me a lot of what we see in the account-based marketing (ABM) practice at our company. Within leading practitioner groups, we’ve noticed companies getting much better at end-to-end orchestration of marketing and sales.

They’re applying a TEAM approach — a repeatable order of operations that we think can serve as a useful framework for any company as it evolves toward the account-based approach. By explicitly applying elements of this simple acronym, ABM leaders are more successfully building and sustaining consistent return on investment (ROI).

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John Steinert
John Steinert is the CMO of TechTarget, where he helps bring the power of purchase intent-driven marketing and sales services to technology companies. Having spent most of his career in B2B and tech, John has earned a notable reputation by helping build business for global leaders like Dell, IBM, Pitney Bowes and SAP – as well as for fast-growth, emerging players. He’s passionate about quality content, continuously improving processes and driving meaningful business results.