The Periodic Table of Digital Commerce Marketing

For nearly a decade, Search Engine Land’s Periodic Table of SEO has been a globally recognized tool for search professionals. We have since brought this comprehensive, visual approach to the paid search landscape, email marketing and now to digital commerce marketing.

Digital commerce marketing has evolved rapidly in recent years with more channels supporting ever-sophisticated advertising and promotion capabilities for e-commerce and omnichannel sellers. In this table, we highlight promotional opportunities and capabilities – both paid and organic – designed specifically for commerce across search, social, display, third-party retail and marketplace channels.

The Periodic Table of Digital Commerce Marketing encompasses channels, promotional products offered across those channels and omnichannel capabilities for retailers with a presence both online and offline. It also shows optimization considerations and campaign targeting mechanisms available as well as tools to help digital commerce marketers maximize their exposure and efficiency on their chosen channels.

Another significant development in digital commerce marketing that we’ll explore in this table is e-commerce enablement. Platforms and third parties looking to match Amazon’s “Buy Now” convenience of near-instant checkout are incorporating native buying capabilities. Google, Instagram and Snapchat are all at various stages of supporting platform-based checkout to enable users to buy products right from ads without going to a seller’s website. At the same time, options such as digital wallets, universal checkout and check-out enabled (or shoppable) media vendors enable merchants to give users options and reduce buying friction.

The table also includes some of the “toxins” that can impede visibility and performance as well as emerging areas, capabilities and channels that are poised to play a larger role in the digital commerce landscape in the coming years.

We hope this new resource provides an essential overview of the digital commerce landscape and reference for your marketing campaigns.

Here’s to more sales and higher profits!

–Ginny Marvin, Editor-in-Chief at Third Door Media and author of the Periodic Table of Digital Commerce Marketing

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