Quora’s ad pixel now supports multi-event conversion tracking

Quora is out with some updates to its ads platform this week. On Wednesday, the question-and-answer social platform announced the release of multi-event conversion tracking, view-through attribution and an update to its reporting interface.

Here’s a look at the new features.

Multi-event conversion tracking

Using Quora’s tracking pixel, advertisers can now track and optimize against more than one conversion event — Add to Cart, Add Payment Info and Purchase, for example. This flexibility can help marketers optimize their campaigns based on where customers are in the purchasing funnel.

Existing pixel implementations will be tracked under the “generic” event tag. To take advantage of multi-event conversion tracking, advertisers need to add the relevant conversion event tags to their base pixel code from the “Quora Pixel” tab in the Ads Manager and then update the code on their sites.

Setting up multi-event conversion tracking in Quora

Advertisers can choose new conversion types when creating a new campaign to match the campaign objective. Each new conversion type will require the associated Quora Pixel to be set up,” the announcement explains.

View-through conversion tracking

If a user sees an ad on Quora and ends up converting without clicking on the ad — by going directly to the advertiser’s website or through organic search, for example — Quora will now count and report it as a view-through conversion. Quora’s view-through attribution has a 24-hour window between the time an ad impression is served and the time a user converts.

Advertisers can choose to add the view-through attribution metric in campaign and summary reports in the interface.

Updated metrics reporting

Advertisers can now toggle metrics on and off in their dashboard reports in Ads Manager. The list of metrics includes the new conversion events and view-through conversion sub-type.

Metrics available in Quora’s ads reporting dashboard

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