Report Shows U.S. Companies More Savvy At Email Marketing: They Send More, Have More Subscribers & Test More

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  • Email service provider Mailjet surveyed 300 marketers – 100 from the U.S., 100 from France and 100 from Germany – to gain a better understanding of each country’s email marketing practices.

    While the pool of Mailjet’s survey participants was limited, the results showed U.S. companies appear to be more savvy when it comes to email marketing efforts.

    At 1.47 million emails sent per month, Mailjet said U.S. companies sent more emails than the global average of 1.38 million. (It’s worth noting here that “global average” is referring to the combined survey results from the U.S., Germany and France.)

    U.S. companies also have the largest subscriber databases, with the mean number for U.S. company email lists totaling more than 500,000 subscribers.

    Mean Number of Email Subscribers:

    When it comes to the types of emails being sent, Mailjet’s report showed that more marketing emails are sent globally than transactional emails.

    On average, U.S. companies sent 18 percent more marketing emails than transactional.

    Counter to the global trends, German companies sent more transactional emails.

    Share of Marketing vs Transactional Emails Sent in Last Month:

    The U.S. also leads when it comes to A/B testing, with 89 percent of American companies performing A/B tests on email campaigns.

    In both Germany and France, more than 20 percent of the companies surveyed said they never do A/B tests.

    Frequency of A/B Testing for Email Campaigns

    Mailjet asked survey participants what they test when performing A/B tests.

    While U.S. companies are more likely to test subject lines, German companies most often test the content area. French companies test send dates and time more than any other email marketing detail.

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