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Social Media Agency Case Study, PR Psychographics Earn WSJ Article

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  • In previous Thursday Hot House posts, we’ve written extensively about PR targeting amplification. Focused distribution to trusted media-role influencers can drive great KPIs, including social signals, links, interviews, quote requests and other earned media spoils.

    To refresh your memory, there are wonderfully useful occupational psychographic buckets of media users that are targetable in social media. Media types are not shy about telling the world what they do. The screen capture below is for Facebook alone. The data can be further segmented to form seriously focused vertical media buckets.



    We’ve been having our fun with social psychographic PR distribution tactics and talking about it around the web for years.  Imagine the wholesome pleasure felt when one earns thoughtful mainstream commentary in The Wall Street Journal ABOUT journalists targeting FROM the very targeted journalists WE target! It’s all very meta, in a beautifully twisted way.

    It’s always a good day to be quoted as an authoritative source in a mainstream publication like WSJ. It’s good for business.


    When the story hit, clients called right away saying, “Hey, I saw aimClear in WSJ, NICE!”

    Marty Weintraub is aimClear’s Founder. He and the WSJ writer never spoke before the story came about, but the two had been in contact via aimClear’s content for years.

    While other sources were quoted, Weintraub had two prominent quotes.

    You know influencer amplification causes a PR ripple when second- and third-tier publications kick out blog posts covering mainstream media quotes.

    The example below mentions the WSJ post AND links to Weintraub’s seminal 2012 aimClear Blog post which snarkily gutted GM over its ill-conceived Facebook ads abandonment tantrum. In other words, earned media wins come in waves and layers.


    Yep, these are a couple of blog posts about blog posts.

    So we put a well repackaged post (new image, text and so on) on aimClear’s company Facebook page, driving users to the WSJ article. We amplified the wall post to (you guessed it) digital marketing media influencers. How’s that for a Meta swirl sundae?


    Of the 200+ additional shares, OTHER trade journalists quickly jumped in, pointing mirrors at each other. Martin Beck is a respected SearchEngineLand columnist. It was an honor to see his FB post.


    Prominent WSJ quotes get reactions from clients as well… especially if we target them with amplification.

    There were other social signals including Tweets, LinkedIn posts and so on. Our point is that media and influencer amplification works. Done right, targeting can get you the coverage. Amplification creates coverage about the coverage. It’s all in the approach, and it’s all so meta.

    Get Psychographic Marketing for your business that (actually) CONVERTS via omni-platform tactics: aimClear Blog.

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