Study: Mobile Makes Up Only 6.51% Of Retargeted News Feed Ads, Yet Drives 8.25% Of Clicks

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  • Retargeting powerhouse AdRoll recently crunched data from their advertisers and uncovered some surprising findings on retargeting and Facebook.

    AdRoll supplies advertisers with options for retargeting across the web and FBX (Facebook Marketing Exchange) on the desktop and WCA (Custom Audiences from your Website) on mobile. The click and response results might not be what you’d expect.

    A significant discovery is that the overall CPM of News Feed on mobile is 57% lower than News Feed on desktop. Furthermore, the mobile placements generate a 10% CTR which lead to a 61% lower CPC for News Feed Ads.

    With that said, the overall Click-through-rates of both News Feed targeting on desktop and mobile were significantly better than general web retargeting, with desktop having 8.1x higher CTR and mobile having 9.1x higher CTR.

    Mobile adoption within the user base is booming, as well. When the study started mobile grew from 0% of impressions on the News Feed and grew to 6.51% of all News Feed insertions. That click rate is much higher, as well, with 8.25% of the retargeted News Feed clicks coming from mobile.

    The relationship between mobile and other ads appears to be complementary as well as mobile adds an average of 3.8% incremental conversions to an existing retargeting mix. The advertiser demand hasn’t quite caught up with WCA yet as AdRoll has uncovered a 57% drop in CPM when comparing retargeted  News Feed impressions with desktop.

    When looking at examples layering both desktop and mobile News Feed retargeting on top of  current retargeting campaigns AdRoll found an overall conversion increase of 73%. Upon adding the News feed for desktop, ads marketers drove 5.7% more impressions, 53% more clicks and 58% more conversions. Subsequently, the addition of WCA added 4% more impressions, 29% more clicks and 15% more conversions.

    So, should the News Feed be part of your retargeting mix? AdRoll thinks so and has some data to back it up. For the full report, head on over to AdRoll. It also includes an easy-to-use chart for advertisers looking to get into Facebook retargeting.

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