Twitter launches Engage, a companion app to provide stats on audiences

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  • Want more actionable insights from your Twitter participation? The company wants you to have it too. Today, they announced the release of Twitter Engage a US-only iOS application that is intended to give all content creators, especially marketers, celebrities and public figures easier ways to connect with fans and influencers.

    With Engage, real time insights will be provided to those who use the app, inclusive of notifications for when influencers follow the connected account or mention the account.

    Additional real time insights such as recent number of likes, retweets, mentions and impressions are served via a dashboard.

    Engage will also provide content review and performance activity metrics, so that content creators can also see data around each individual conversation that they’ve initiated.

    Twitter has also said that similar app executions will be rolled out to Niche and Vine in due time.


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